Thursday, April 9, 2009

Wedding Planning Moment of the Day

After my previous encounter with the marriage license lady, I trod a little more carefully this morning when I called back...

Lady: Good morning, Marriage License Office.
Me: Hi, I have a few questions for you. Will you be open tomorrow?
Lady: Yes.
Me: Will you be keeping your usual business hours of 8am to 4pm?
Lady: Yes. We ask that you come before 4pm, but we are open later. Due to paperwork, we stop accepting couples at 4pm, but remain open until 4:30pm.
Me: That's perfect. Can you tell me what I need to bring with me?
Lady: Your groom.
Me: That's an easy one.
Lady:...each of you needs a state issued-identification card that must be valid. A drivers' license is a good example.
Me: Great, we can do that.
Lady: And $43.50.
Me: Perfect.
Lady: Cash only.
Me: Ok.
Lady: It must be cash.
Me: Right.
Lady: Please don't forget that.
Me: Well... sounds good! We'll see you tomorrow!

It seems like if the $43.50 was such a big deal, they'd install an ATM somewhere over at the government offices. I wonder if it has to be exact change. I'm sure that tonight I'll have a nightmare about having to choose between paying the parking meter or keeping that precious fifty cents close to my heart. I think I'll take the ticket...

B's flying in tomorrow evening and I'll pick him up then dash over to get the license before the office closes. His Mom is picking up our rings this afternoon from the engravers and then we'll officially have everything we need to make this thing legal: marriage license, rings (optional, but mandatory to me), and, well, my dress. Come on, you can't expect me to be totally practical.

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Emily Shepherd said...

hey ashley ~ wandered over here from your save the dates ~ intriguingly, there actually IS an ATM on the 2nd floor of the courthouse in bham. I found this out when i had to go get ANOTHER copy of my marriage license to get my car title changed over to my new name :)