Thursday, April 2, 2009

Glory Days

I'm off to Durham this afternoon to see B (yea!) and then head to Charlottesville on Friday morning with the rest of the Duke team for the annual UVA law school softball tournament. No, I'm not kidding, and I'm actually really looking forward to it. My first weekend visit to law school (B's first year, Labor Day weekend), there was a 1L softball tournament B was playing in, so I went to watch and, let me tell you, between the hopeful 1L girls asking each other which one the "real" baseball player was (the legend of B's professional baseball days preceded him, obviously) and the seriously number of rule-followers out there coaching third base, it was a hoot.

B's made fast friends at law school, and I'm excited to have a weekend away with a number of his good buddies. For one, it's going to be an awesome break from what I normally do everyday (office, gym, dinner out, walk with the girls, wedding planning, etc). Instead, I'll have three glorious days to sit outside, maybe play an inning or two, and definitely bring the Gatorade (it runs in my blood, remember my Mom with the cooler?). Fabulous! For two, I get to see B doing something I know he loves, which always makes me happy.

I leave tonight after work and come back on Sunday night. I can't wait! Plus, I just checked and there are 37 days left until the wedding, which was B's college baseball number, making this weekend perfectly timed and destined for great things. Besides, when else can I pack a suitcase that contains (among other things) two baseball gloves and a pair of stilettos? Today, especially, I love my life.

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