Friday, October 29, 2010

Waiting for B

Two Champagne flutes
One blinged-out Champagne bottle
Favorite birthday cake turned cupcakes
One "You Are Special Today" plate
Dinner reservations at a favorite (walkable, if necessary!) place
Lots of hugs and kisses
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Big Pimpin'

This is what happens when you get amazing Champagne as an engagement party present and ooh and aww over the box

That's right, kiddos. You are rewarded with amazing, wonderful, blinged-out Champagne with which to toast your husband.

This bottle is here to stay. I only wish I could figure out who gave us this Champagne to tell them how much it delighted me to open it!
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This Guy

...could now legally offer you legal advice.


I'm so proud of you, B! So proud, in fact, that I've got your favorite birthday cake waiting for you at home, plus Champagne from your Mom and Dad. We are SO proud of you! Don't worry, I made birthday CUPcakes, not real cake, so the real cake is still only for birthdays. (B is particular about some things!)

For all that you've accomplished this year, sweetie, I am so proud of you and happy to be your wife. Your hard work, dedication, frustration, and passion have paid off. Now we just need the right jingle. I've already got the billboard people on line one...
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Florida is TOO Hot

...for pumpkins. Ours lasted five days on the porch before it rotted. At least in this picture, it still had its little stem. That fell in about 15 minutes later, just before I made B push it into a trashbag and get rid of all the tiny flies that had made it home.

After this, of course, we noticed that everyone else on our block has plastic pumpkins. Posers.

For the record, EVERYTHING rots in Florida. A bag of potatoes? Five days. For real. I've had potatoes start to grow their OWN potatoes. I've never had one rot. Scarlett dug one out of the fire-infested ground that was Sherman's march through Atlanta. But in Florida? Five days. Hearty, my foot.
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Friday, October 22, 2010


This week I looked down and noticed that my ring was missing one of the stones from the band setting. Ok, so I didn't so much look as I did feel; apparently I feel around in my rings a lot. Hm, perhaps I wiggled it loose?
Either way, today, I'm in Atlanta, getting ready for a fun wedding weekend, and (engagement) ring-less. I took it in this morning and asked the man, our good friend's brother-in-law, if it might be ready by this afternoon.
"A, it would be a miracle."
Bah! But seriously, he needed to soak it (a sign I should clean it more often?), then clean it, then set the stone and check all the prongs.
But I miss it. I'm glad to have my wedding band, but I know I'm going to have random panic moments in the next few days (yes, days) thinking that I've lost it.
I mentioned to him that he should invest in loaner rings. After all, he's got my most favorite piece of jewelry in there, so I'm definitely coming back. And, who knows? Maybe I'd fall in love with the loaner, too...
Ok, not like we're buying another ring. But I miss mine!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hold the Phone

This guy is getting married this weekend!

This guy, of course, happens to be B's best friend, and the lucky man of the beautiful lady whose wedding shower I attended a few weeks ago. Oh and he's my boss. We like to keep our wires mad crossed.

B and I are pulling out in a couple of hours (assuming I ever pack! Or put away the laundry. Or make dinner for the road...) for a whirlwind wedding weekend and a luxurious overnight at the Ritz. I'm excited about the wedding, shopping before the rehearsal dinner (what? I heart Lennox), and, of course, hanging out with all the Atlanta friends for the last wedding in this fall's hat trick triple threat.

We can't wait! Now I just have to figure out what to wear...
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Showerpalooza Weekend

My last week of September went something like this....

Me: "I think I'm going to go to both those showers this weekend."
B: "Which showers?"
Me: "The ones in Atlanta and Birmingham."
B: "Sounds great. I know you'd love that."
Me: "But it's really far."
B: "But you'll see everyone you love."
Me: "That's true... the high school girls, new Atlanta friends, Mom, Grandma, Lloyd, Holly, Alex, Lily, Carolyn, your parents..."
B: "Soo..."
Me: "Maybe I'll stay through Monday..."

So I did! I left Florida after work on Friday and headed to Atlanta, where I had dinner with B's parents. The next morning, his Mom was hosting a shower for the soon-to-be wife (we leave tonight for the wedding!) of B's best friend, so I helped with that, and by helped I mean "ate three brownies," "enjoyed Champagne," and "missed B bunches." (I did, honey!).

The shower was super fun. Champagne, wine, great food, new friends, and fun gifts. I remember how special I felt at my wedding showers, almost as if you can't believe these people would give up a day to come see you before giving up another day to come see you! It was wonderful and, after the shower, B's Mom and I headed to Trader Joe's, so I could stock up on cookies to take home with me.

On Sunday morning, I left for Birmingham for another shower, this one a baby shower for my dear friend from high school. I arrived in town in time to have lunch with my Grandma and my cousin Josh, then headed to the shower, then to my Bham friend Lily's house for a quick catch-up, then to see the rest of my family. By the end, I was exhausted!

Monday morning, I headed home to Florida, taking back roads the entire way. It took forever, but it was amazing. So worth the drive!
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Heads Are Heavy

Thanks for the tummy time, Uncle B!
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Big man is getting bigger every day!
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UNC Trip!

See? I DO exist! Here I am! My goal for the day is the get caught up on blogging (Haley, are you reading? :)), so why not start with something super fun?

In September, B surprised me by saying, "Heck yes! Let's drive 14 hours round trip to spend 36 hours watching two football games with you family." Ok, not in so many words, but we did have an amazing road trip. UNC was playing GA Tech (Tech won) and Alabama was playing Duke (Alabama won), so we slated a full day of tailgating, football watching, and, of course, eating!

It was such a blast to see three of our favorite kiddos again. We can't believe how much they change every time we leave! Little T, especially.

We drove up after work on Friday, arriving just before midnight, then spent Saturday enjoying loads of football, bouncy houses at UNC, the ultimate seats in the UNC fancy box (fabulous!), then a super hot Alabama game in Duke's stadium. Sunday we went to church, where I saw a few of my babysitting kiddos, then lunch, then B & I headed home while everyone else (save Nana, who was also driving home!) napped (or at least I hope they did; I was exhausted!).

It means to us to get to spend time with family. We're excited to have them come visit us in a few weeks!!

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Ah! That Explains It!

I know I'm crazy behind, and my goal, while B is out of town for a few days, is to catch up. However, I couldn't resist leaving you with this gem.

My big brother L is researching a little of our family history, and by "a little", I mean he found that we're already documented back into the 1300s. In Scottland. Blimey! Or whatever the Scots say. In his poking around, he discovered that our name was originally "DeJohnston" (holla) and that we were married into the Forbes family, aka, my new retirement plan.

Me: L, this is amazing!
L: I know. I mean, I kept looking to see if I could find Jesus in our tree, but then I remembered he didn't have any kids.

Dad would be oh-so proud. :)

Updates tomorrow, including hitting the 17 month mark, a visit to NC to see the kiddos, life at the bakery, a tale of two (dead) cars, "What's that gushing through our ceiling?", "What's that gushing out our AC unit" (also known as "We're Never Buying a House"), and other big news unrelated to me. Happiness abounds!