Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Wonderful Weekend at Home

Just when I thought I might be nearing the end of my last-push wedding stamina, B came into town for a few days and now I feel totally recharged and ready to take on any (and hopefully all) of the things on my list, which currently includes favors, welcome bags, ordering thank you notes (check!), and sending detailed schedules to every vendor on the books.

I had yesterday off to help with some family issues, so I'm a little scattered today, thinking it's only Monday when really it's almost Wednesday. Three weeks from today will be my last day working full-time in the office until July. How crazy is that? Don't even get me started on my work to-do list.

But the weekend was fabulous. B and I went on Friday late afternoon and got the marriage license (details and pictures to follow), which turned out to be a wonderful experience. It was like walking into a Disney movie; everyone we passed called out, "Hey, you going to get married? Congratulations!" as we skipped by. Well, everyone except the teen bride behind us, or the guy next to us wearing the "BOOZENATION" tshirt. Like I said, more to come.

Friday night my high school girlfriends hosted a fabulously fun couples' shower. They grilled out and had tons of classic favorites, including cheese dip and this amazing brownie truffle concoction. "Entertaining" was the theme, and the girls brought their favorite fool-proof recipes and a few gifts to help get the parties started, including Catch Phrase and some fun cooking toys.

Saturday B and I worked at the apartment for a while, he on law school outlines and me on wedding gifts, before heading out for a walk at the Botanical Gardens. Let me be clear. We didn't intend to go there. In fact, we parked over a mile away, but once we wandered in the gates, we were hooked. Two hours (and several bride-spotting moments) later, we made it back to the car and headed home to get ready.

That night I cashed in my MyScoop winnings with a personal chef. Details to come, but let me just say that Chef Gray cooked 10 courses for us that night. We downed the wine and didn't even feel it, the food was so rich. It was a blast and a fun way to celebrate having B in town.

B flew out early afternoon on Sunday, so it was a bittersweet Easter, but it's fun knowing that the next time I see him, we'll be altar bound. How wild is that? The countdown was around 280 and now we're down to 25 days. Speaking of that to-do list...

It was a wonderful weekend, and a great reminder of why I love that man so much.

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BK said...

BoozeaTHON, sweetheart. Boozeathon.