Monday, April 27, 2009

Boy in a Bubble... or Bubble Wrap

B doesn't know it yet but I'm going to pack him up like an antique vase for the next 12 days. First off, for his Mom's sake, he's fine. I say that because B is known for somehow finding ways to injure himself during every season, vacation, and commercial break. Ok, so that's not true, but he has injured himself on just about every ski trip his family has taken, making him a perfect expert in the difference between a separated shoulder and a dislocated one.

About a week ago, B was playing basketball when he jammed his thumb pretty good. Not one of those "shake it off and forget about it five minutes later" kind of jams, but one that caused him to bind his thumb in an ace bandage for over a week to keep the swelling, and pain, down.

So it should be no surprise that he called me a few minutes ago after a long run and a nice swim in his complex pool to tell me that, as he was climbing out of the pool, the rung in the metal latter broke at the joint and collapsed, causing him to crack his shin pretty hard on the severed metal piece. He's ok-- just a really bad bruise, but I know it must hurt because a) he called me and b) he has ice on it and has it elevated.

This got me worried, so I got the ok to call my Dad and have the good Dr. call B and check it out. Dad says he's fine, but that he just hit it at the exact spot that probably going to stay tender and painful for a while. Ok, so it's true Dad said that, but what he said first was, "He's going to be fine-- he's not getting out of this that easily!" Love it.

I told B I'm wrapping him in bubble wrap for the next week or so, or at least until he gets himself home. I think the hardest part is being at work and not being able to go take care of him, not that there's much he needs. Still, it helps to have someone else bring you the Arnold Palmer.

Take care of yourself, B! And stay away from the Swine Flu.


Joanna said...

No worries - I coughed all over the CDC people and gave away my swine flu so you won't get it.
Also: who uses a ladder to get out of a pool? Seriously K. (sorry - can't call him B since I don't use his first name anyway :-P)

~Z~ said...

There's a surprise for you on my blog today! ~;o)