Sunday, April 26, 2009

13 Days

Good thing 13 is my lucky number, because I'm loving today. I spent the last 48 hours hanging out at a fabulous lake house with a gorgeous view about an hour outside of town with four of my best girlfriends in tow. We were there to celebrate one lucky lady's 25th birthday (welcome to the club!), but really it felt so selfish because we all had such a blast just being away from "it all," as they say, and indulging in a little down time.
Friday night we celebrated the birthday girl with margaritas, taco salads, gifts, and cupcakes topped with Sour Patch Kids, then Saturday we spent most of the daylight hours cruising around on the boat. Like I said, it really was a hardship going away for this birthday!
The weekend was really great for me because we're at a point where the to do list is finite and I could fill all my waking hours with little things (lets be honest-- I really should fold my laundry and put it away), but it's nice to know that I can leave it all for a few days and just enjoy being with friends. Ok, I did put a huge dent in the thank you note list, but when you wake up at 7am on a Saturday, what else is there to do? And besides, I did have a mimosa with me. On second thought, those might be some mighty fun thank you notes to read. :)
Back to work tomorrow. Only 7 business days left in the Birmingham office, so I'm getting down to it this week and knocking a lot of things off the office to do list. The agenda this week? Baked goods for the welcome bags, packing for the honeymoon, and cleaning the apartment. Plenty of time. Ramp those prayers back up for B-- his next final is Thursday, and then he's done with his 2L year! Go honey, go!

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cp said...

dear i hope that was you that just left a creepy blog comment on my blog...

btw yay lucky 13!!