Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dear Macy's...

Dear Macy's,

Why must you continue to delete my registry? Just a few months ago we went through this charade. You hid my registry from friends in stores and family online until we noticed and corrected the error by calling and spending over an hour on your website. Why must you be so cruel? Hours are important these days. They can be spent hanging out with friends, taking long walks, catching up with sisters, or baking wedding goodies.

And here you've done it again. I've called Wedding Channel customer service, and they don't see that you even exist. So it's you, Macy's Registry, that is the problem. A very nice lady in customer service helped me by resetting the account (again), so kudos for having a friendly team of people, but still, a friendly team of people with poor online infrastructure does not a happy bride make.

People wonder what makes brides turn into bridezillas and I'm confident that, in the end, it's the little things that add up, prompting a huge explosion over the fact that no one thought to provide forks that the guests would need to eat their dinner.

Macy's, please don't be my fork.



Little Red said...

I really hope that this post provokes the same type of reaction as your infamous shoe posts of yore...

Holley said...

Will you also ask them why they mail a single dinner plate in a massive box? I think I am about to unwrap a pony and it's a dinner plate--go figure