Friday, April 17, 2009

If Real Life Was a Musical...

Most of you lovely readers know that I have a special place in my heart for musicals. I love musicals. I listen to them while baking (thanks to Mom and Dad for the Bose!), while programming at work, and I would listen to them in the car, if I had an iPod converter. (Also known as an 80's style tape thing.)

I sing them in the shower, in my car, and when I call in the morning to wake B up on days when he's super lucky. ("Good Morning Baltimore" from Hairspray anyone?) He's lucky I didn't ask to recess to one at the wedding.

My love of them began when my parents carted me around to them at a young age. Cats. Les Mis. Phantom of the Opera. Starlight Express. And continued in college when I took my writing seminar "Reading the Broadway Musical," in which we headed off to see Hairspray on Broadway. My roommates put up with repeated viewings of The Sound of Music, and every Christmas at school was an excuse to hop a train to New York and catch the latest. Rent. La Boeme. 42nd Street. My only regret is not seeing Hairspray.

So color me excited when my friend C sent this link, which shows 200 people taking over a Belgium train station performing a surprise choreographed dance to the tune of Do Re Mi. It starts small, with just one man, then builds on itself until the entire hall is dancing. Save the period costumes, it's what I imagine life would feel like if you lived in a musical. At any moment, everyone breaks into a dance that they all know! Brilliant.

So what do I do? Cry. Obviously. What is it with me a youtube these days? I may as well call it yousobtube.


Jennifer said...

Why did that make me cry??

Anna said...

This is fantastic!

Here's something to look forward to:

A whole season of musicals. Yay!