Thursday, October 29, 2009

One Great Night

B had a great idea tonight and we ended up having a wonderful night with two of our nieces and my sister. Pizza, mixing peanut butter and chocolate, and a splish-splash worthy bath time. But the best, oh the best, was listening to B read during story time. He read one story about princesses and another about a new kitten. He was tested ("I can't see the pictures" "Why is he doing that?"), but he pressed on like a champ despite nonsensical interruptions, like the one-year-old's statement, "I'm going to go find a purse for Ella to put her blanket in." You can't argue with that!

My sister said it best when we talked later, "Doesn't it make you fall in love with them all over again when you see them with kids?" I agree completely, and would even take it to the next level saying there's nothing like seeing the love in kids' eyes when looking up to the man you love. They judge mercilessly and they don't have to like you; kids are real!

So we had a wonderful night of pizza and hot dogs (a last minute request from the kiddos), plus apple slices loaded with peanut butter and cranberries. Life, my friends, is good.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Laundry 101

This from the man who did my laundry the day we got back from the honeymoon (God bless him), even the hand-wash items.

B: Hey, I did laundry today.

Me: That's great! Thanks hon.

B: So let's talk about what can be dried and what can't.

Me: Ok, shoot.

B: Let's start with the panties. Dry?

Me: It depends.

B: On what?

Me: If I like them.

B: What?

Me: If I dry them, they wear out faster, so I never dry them, until I'm tired of them and want to have an excuse to get rid of them. I never dry the ones with lyrca in them, but the cotton ones normally get the line-dry too. Just put them all on the rack.

B: I was headed that way anyway. Your denim skirt?

Me: No dry.

B: Really? Ok.

Me: I do dry t-shirts.

B: Well everyone dries t-shirts. Yoga pants?

Me: The black ones?

B: Yes.

Me: No dry. They have lettering and it's peeling!

B: Ok, at least the t-shirts dry.

Me: Unless they're fake t-shirts.

B: (silence)

Me: You know, they look like t-shirts but they're really soft and not really t-shirts?

B: It seems to me that these "dry" and "no dry" piles could be divided simply "B's clothes" and "A's clothes."

Me: That might be a good idea.

My Life

Last month, I flew into Birmingham to work and the offices closed due to the crazy storms. This month I fly in and what happens? I promptly lose my voice. Ah, irony. How I've missed you in my life!

Being in town has been great as always. I got to see Mom, Grandma, my Brother and his family for dinner on Monday night, then stayed with my Mom and Grandma. I met one of my dear Birmingham girlfriends for lunch on Tuesday, then saw all my high school girls for dinner Tuesday night at our favorite-- P.F. Chang's.

I don't know how P.F. Chang's became "our spot," but every time we get together, it's always there. They take reservations (key for a party of 6), it's really reasonable (last night my bill was $15), and we're big on sharing. So big, in fact, that we're like that crazy Olive Garden commercial where they just let one friend order. The rest of us don't bother opening our menus. Last night was Cashew-Melon Shrimp, Kung Pao Scallops, Chicken Lettuce Wraps, Dan Dan Noodles, some sweet-spicy chicken, and, of course, a Wall of Chocolate.

It's always interesting coming back to Birmingham. I LOVE seeing my friends and family, but being in the physical place can also be tough as it brings back a lot of memories of "the day." I'd like to think that if it hadn't happened so suddenly and so randomly (when I was back in town for a single day), then that wouldn't be the main physical memory associated with this wonderful space. Maybe it just needs a little more time.

This week has been a harder week. Little things, like being at the doctor's office and no longer having an answer for the General Physician blank, or coming down with who knows what, and not being able to call Dad for a z-pack. B reminded me that I still know plenty of people who both love me and have access to a prescription pad, but I think I was just in the mood to be moody. :)

I'm at work early today (thank you, random insomnia!) and leaving for Durham this afternoon. It'll be good to be home, but it's been really nice being here. I think monthly Mom hugs should be the absolute minimum!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Dad Moment of the Day

Arrived at work to find my new business cards waiting for me featuring my new last name and new title. It made me think back to how proud Dad was of my first business cards here. He gave out over 500! Of course, he gave them out two at a time, "because you always lose one." I didn't have the heart to tell him that if he gave the person both cards at the same time, the real probability was that BOTH would end up lost.

Every time I went home, he'd always ask if I'd remembered to bring him any cards. "I'm down to my last little stack," he'd say. Most of the time I forgot. As I threw away the other box of 500 cards sitting in my cubicle today, I realized how much I wished I'd given him all of them!

So I've got my new cards and I know how happy Dad would be to see the new title. He'd turn it over in his hands, then ask if I'd bring him a few. And when I'd hand him a hundred or so, he'd reply, "Well, this should get me through the weekend." I miss you, Dad!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pumpkin Carving Time!

B and I tackled a big Fall job today: carving the pumpkin! I learned something new today, a few things, actually. 1) The larger the pumpkin ("I want the big one, B!"), the thicker the wall you have to cut through. Perhaps I shouldn't have had B digging through the bins at Sams for the biggest boy. 2) When your husband tells you to trace the stencil of the pumpkin face, he means to cut the area of the pumpkin face out of the stencil first, THEN trace it. Long story short, pumpkin is done and looking great!

As Seen at the Fair

It's a lucky thing I'm married, or I'd be running away with the proprietor of this stand.

Monkey Toes

One thing B LOVES about me is what he's deemed my "monkey toes." (And by "loves," I obviously mean "isn't creeped out by at all.") My toes, while beautiful, are long and amazingly able. They can pick things up now problem and grip pretty well (paper, other people's toes, you name it). It's good to know that I now have proof that this runs in the family...

To the Fair!

This week has been crazy. I've gone back and forth between huddling under blankets, feeling amazing, and huddling again. Thursday night and Friday I was feeling amazing, so I accepted an invite to go with my sister's family to the NC state fair. So fun!

With a three year old and a one year old in tow, we had a pretty specific agenda. 1) Get a hot dog. My sister knocked this one out by making one at home and serving it as a snack en route. "God forbid we don't find a hot dog at the fair," she said. They've been talking about it all week! That and 2) Petting baby chickens. That's right. There's a booth at the fair that showcases prize fowl and lets you pet baby chickens, ducks, and pretty much anything else with wings.

So, upon arrival, we made a bee-line for the baby hen house. Huge hit! Ella ran around petting and holding everything. Sienna wanted you to hold it for her and, when she did get to hold it, she liked to squeeze. Gentle touches!

After the petting area (and a good hand wash), we headed to the merry-go-round, then a kiddie roller coaster, a fishing game where Ella won a fish she promptly named Mia Pia, and then... ice cream! Funnel cakes! Corn dogs! It was amazing, and so much fun. Thanks for inviting me, guys!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

San Fran Pics!

Napa Pics!

You've heard the words, now see the pics. :)

Baby Meets Ribs

This was before she started wiping her tongue and saying "Picey! Picey!" And, PS, she ate three ginormous ribs, which I had to keep reminding B of as he took to blaming himself for the spice-induced tears and saying, "I overspiced the baby!"

Nieces at the Beach

This weekend, my nieces (plus their Mom and Dad) went to the beach with us. Surprisingly, the one acting sassy is not the one they named after me, though she is so obviously my (god)child.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Sometimes things come to mind that I want to share here (and therefore document for my future best-selling memoir), but then I get embarrassed and back out. I thought I was pretty tough for sharing my teeth-whitening escapades, but never did get around to sharing about -- Ha! My battery almost died. Clearly that's a story for another day.

Anyway, the real point here is that one of my favorite stories of B & I lately hasn't appeared on the blog because I want to maintain my ladylike status, if only in my (and my Mom's!) head. But, I feel like it so perfectly demonstrates how B and I are getting more comfortable with one another and settling into our marriage. (After this much build up, you're likely to be thinking of this as a way cooler story by now.)

So anyway, on the way home from the beach a few weeks ago, B & I pulled away from the restaurant and I unceremoniously announced "Look, I'm going to have to go to the bathroom soon." "How soon?" asked B, as we pulled onto I-40 at exit 408. "If we make it to 370, it'll be a miracle," I replied.

Off we went, driving along. 370 came and went. "Doing ok?" asked B. "Yeah," I said. "Too lazy to make you stop right now." (Editor's Note: The three glasses of wine I'd imbibed probably added to my lack of enthusiasm.)

Well, 370 turned into 300, at which point we were reaching a dire situation, but only 30 miles from our exit. Why does 30 miles seem like nothing on paper? That would've taken a whole week playing Oregon Trail!

So we get to our exit and arrive at our complex, where the following conversation took place as B navigated the roads to our apartment:

Me: Want to stop for the mail?
B: Seriously?
Me: Yeah, that won't be happening. If you stopped for the mail, I think I'd have to run.
B: What if I went into the bathroom first?
Me: What?
B: Maybe I have to go.
Me: If you go into that bathroom, I would go get your Under Armor basket and pee in it. And not tell you. Ever.
B: Until I found out.
Me: Obviously.
B: So here's the plan, I'll give you the keys...
Me: Smart man.

Granted, it was after midnight so we were punchy, but it made me love B so much to know that he can laugh at me and at us and at the whole situation. I'm sorry, dear proper self, but sometimes you just have to make empty threats with bodily fluids.

Day by Day Updates

1. I'm sick and LOVING me some cold medicine. Now I get the Glee reference from two weeks ago about taking some OTC drugs, or "vitamins" as the "nurse" calls them. B watches me swing between a sniffling creature snuggled beneath a mound of blankets and a one-woman cleaning machine, whipping through the bathroom, kitchen, laundry, and living room in under an hour flat. Looking forward to the night version of the drugs. I know it's an induced sleep, but it's certainly better than waking up several times at night!

2. My husband is awesome if for no other reason than his Mom raised him on super soft Kleenex, for which I am super thankful. However, he is also awesome because of magazines, warm sweatshirts (why are the guys' always better?), and more than my fair share of the bed. Yes, that's right, he slept on the couch Sunday night. He says it's because he was up late working after a 8pm cup of coffee. I say that my throne of pillows and four blankets likely edged him out of his usual spot.

3. My husband must think I'm awesome, especially after this exchange early Monday morning, when B wakes up to go for an early morning run.
From the living room: Beep! Beep! Beep!
Me (From the bedroom): Honey?
B (From the living room): Yes?
Me: Do you think you could put your cell phone under your pillow?
B: You want my pillow?
Me: Under the pillow!

4. Looking forward to a weekend at home and then it's back to Birmingham for a few days. From there it's back here until Thanksgiving in Atlanta, then back to Birmingham for work. I think things are slowing down...? I'll let you know next week...

Monday, October 19, 2009

Best Husband Ever

First cold of the marriage descended today. B was sick a few months ago, but this is my first bout. It's ok, though. I spent all last year praying against sickness (there was no time!), so I'm pretty much due.

When I woke up this morning, I moaned and groaned and declared myself a sickie. B, while trying to get ready for school, managed to bring my all my work stuff ("to be used only if you feel better"), three magazines, an extra blanket, Gatorade, two kinds of medicine, and my phone, to be answered when he called to check in later.

Three hours later I'm not all better, but I feel so much better and super loved. And to say thanks, I'm meticulously cleaning everything I touch in an effort to keep him from catching the ick. I love you, B!

Oh, and by the way, when I say that I prayed not to get sick, I mean made a deal with the Devil, begged all three members of the Holy Trinity, and almost learned to use a rosary. Seriously, I can't remember the last time I was sick, but it was at least a year and a half ago. Thank you God!

Friday, October 16, 2009

What to Do in San Francisco

Monday started bright and early with a walk through Chinatown to the fortune cookie factory. B's Mom found it by turning up a street and down a dark alley where we discovered the "factory," a tiny storefront with four women making all of the cookies by hand. By hand! They make 200k+ there a year! It's incredible.

The guy there happily sold B's Mom a bag of chocolate cookies (yum) and caught my eye as I noticed the clear plastic bin marked "Adult Fortune Cookies." "Adult?" I asked. "Yes," he said. "Naughty." Ha!

After Chinatown we cruised through Little Italy, where B's Dad discovered the best truffles in the city. Thank God our next stop was walking up (yes, yum) the crooked street. We needed to make room for lunch!

We made our way down to the Wharf and visited the square-o-chocolate, then grabbed a big sourdough bowl of crab and corn chowder at The Blue Mermaid. Pier 39 was next, with its merry-go-round, barking sea lions, and loads of shopping. From there, we headed home to rest and get cleaned up, via cable car (love it!), before dinner at Waterbar right on the coast.
On Tuesday, in spite of a sandbag-worthy deluge, we made our way to the Golden Gate Park, walking through Haight-Ashbury, then to the Science Museum in the park (4-story greenhouse, baby penguins, living roof... you name it!). We road the muni back to Union Square and cable car'd it down to the Wharf again for a chocolate sundae before heading to Chinatown (whew!) for an amazing dinner at the Empress, clearly a hidden gem. We finished the night with a bottle of wine and a movie in the room. B was kind enough to change the channel on Marley and Me before Marley, well, exited the scene.

Wednesday we got up and headed to the airport, wishing our dear city and fun vacation goodbye. I have to say, it was so nice getting home!

One fun note? One of B's habits is cleaning before a vacation. Super frustrating at 1 am the night before you have to get up at 4:15, but so so so wonderful and amazing to come home to at midnight! Love you honey.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

What to Do in Napa

Day 2 began, shockingly, with more food. Yes, that's right, after a night of steak, lemon verbena sherbet, brownies, wine, and tons of good bread, I was hungry. While B and his brothers went out on a run (crazies), his parents and I got breakfast in the hotel. I heart the Embassy Suites chain--where else can you make yourself a breakfast of banana pancakes with a side of bacon and just wander in and out as you please? Love it.

Once we got everyone up and going, we headed off to
Trefethan, another favorite winery of B's family, where we found some delicious reds. Next up? Duckhorn. B's Dad had wanted to check it out and never had the chance. It was gorgeous! I'm so glad we went. We sat on the back porch of this lovely home looking out over the fields with blankets wrapped over our knees.

Next up? Lunch. All that good wine made us, again, hungry, so we ran to "a deli," his parents told us. Ha! At V. Sattui, we feasted on these amazing stackers and passed containers of gourmet salads around the wooden picnic table.

Once we finished up, it was off to Rombauer, which definitely won for best view. Looking out from its tasting room was like peering into the Smoky Mountains, complete with amazing fall color in the trees. Plus, they gave you your glass. Gotta love that!

We finished the day at Mumm, a vineyard known for their Champagne, where we toasted with two bottles of bubbly before packing off to Berkeley, where we dropped his brother before we headed into San Francisco.

Whew! So we got to San Francisco and checked into our hotel before indulging in a "light" dinner at an Italian restaurant, Kuleto's. It turned out to be amazing-- delicious bread, wonderful pasta, and top-notch marinara. We finished the night early, collapsing into bed to ready ourselves for the next day's adventures.

Monday, October 12, 2009

"You Take a Napa, You Don't MOVE to Napa"

Day 1 in wine country started off with a boozy bang. We grabbed a burrito lunch in Berkeley (the better to prepare for the wine, my dear), then made our first stop at Acacia's winery. It turned out to be the perfect first stop-- B's parents had been there a few times before, so the people knew them and happily answered our questions for about an hour. No crowds, no fuss, just good wine!

The owners at Acacia suggested we stop by a friend's winery, Ceja, just a few miles down the road. This one was fantastic-- family owned, first-generation in the wine business, this fabulous family, the Cejas ("eyebrow" in Spanish, fyi) were a hoot. "No oak in our wine," said the son. "If you want oak, you can go outside and lick one of our tables." Their niche is making delicious wine that holds up to the bold flavor of Mexican food. We're in heaven! We sat round the big dining table of the converted B&B and drank tasting after tasting of wine in the loud, festive afternoon environment. As we left, we noticed a foursome sharing a bottle and a game of bocce in the backyard.

We checked into the hotel with the intention of getting cleaned up for dinner, but, crazy Embassy Suites, we got waylaid by the manager's reception. After an afternoon of tasting, veggies, snack mix, popcorn, and, who are we kidding, more booze, hit the spot.

B's parents had planned dinner at a place they'd never tried, Brix, and it turned out to be a hit. We arrived too late in the day to appreciate the vast gardens and rolling hills view, but we still appreciated the efforts thanks in part to the super-fresh food and fun atmosphere of the joint.

We went round for round with appetizers (flash-fried green beans with honey mustard dipping sauce, cauliflower soup with bacon) mains (fillet with cheese pollenta, swordfish over garden-fresh veggies, and lamb osso buco), and desserts (chocolate brownie, blackberry cobbler with lemon verbena sherbet). What a way to end the day!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Wine-ing We Will Go

B & I are in California and loving it. B, in fact, is singing the above song... "Don't drink it all... Don't drink it all.. Don't drink it all cause if you do you won't come home." An ode to the spit method of wine tasting, I believe!

We left at dawn on Friday, only 'dawn' doesn't really do it justice. B set the alarm for 4am and we were out the door by 4:25. We saw the sunrise during our layover in Charlotte. I'm pretty sure I scared B--I can't get out of bed at 8am, but I can bounce up and sing show tunes at 4:15 in the morning. Good Morning Baltimore!

So Friday was pretty nutty. Long flights. Jumbled internal clocks. So on. So forth. We got a full (and amazing!) walking tour of Berkeley from his little brother, who has an "epic" house there before descending on an amazing spot for dinner: Chez Panisse. All local, all delicious, and all booked up way in advance. You have to call 30 days in advance for reservations. Call 31 days out and they won't take it. Call 29 days out and you're too late-- they're booked. It definitely lived up to the hype-- each dish more flavorful and full bodied than the last. I stole the menus, which I'm sure is fine as they change every day!

B and I totally crashed by about 10:30 that night (even after my full-octane mocha at dinner) and woke up early to hit the farmer's market before we headed to wine country with his family. I can't wait to live in a city where I can go load up on fresh veggies for the week at the local market. Well, that isn't technically right, as I can do that now. What I really need is one that's in my backyard and doesn't start until 10am. I may move to California.

We browsed the amazing fruits and veggies at the market, and opted not to sign the petition to legalize marijuana, then headed to Peace Park for the annual Native American ceremonies, which happen on Columbus Day weekend each year or, as they call it in California, "Indigenous People's Day." Again, I may move to California. Especially if I can end pre-dinner prayers with the traditional Native American blessing: a-Hoy Hoy. B may move to California to get away from me!

After our stroll, we grabbed lunch at a great burrito before loading up in the minivan and heading to wine country.

Newsflash: Wine country is small. Not bad small, but totally do-able small. The whole thing is like 30 miles total. I LOVE It!

More updates later, including Day 1 of wine country, Day 2 of wine country (today), and San Fran (until Wednesday). Can't wait!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Destination: San Francisco

B and I are heading out in the morning for six days cruising around California with his family. First stop? Berkeley, where we can get the tour of his youngest brother's current undergrad experience, not to mention some amazing food. Then we're off for a night to wine country and then we're puttering around, first with his family then on our own, the rest of San Francisco.

It's been so long since I've been out there, but I do remember a pretty fabulous family vacation involving the great square of chocolate, Fisherman's Wharf, and that beautiful bridge. Can't wait to visit them again!

One problem: High of 70. Low of 40. What to pack!

Five Months!

Ok, we're one day early, but that's because B and I are off on vacation, our first extended one since the honeymoon, bright and early tomorrow morning and, believe you me, you don't want to read what I'd post at 4:40am, which is when we have to LEAVE for the airport.

More on the vacation in a minute. For now, it's time to celebrate. Five months! I told Brian a few weeks ago that this month has definitely been the best so far, in part because of fun trips, but mostly because it's getting to be our favorite time of the year... cooler, so we can sit with the sliding door open in the evenings, and changing leaves! It's perfect for end-of-day walks.

We started this month of marriage off with a bang-- our first visit to Charleston. We had so much fun eating ourselves silly and walking for miles every afternoon and evening. We road tripped there, then winged it up the coastline to his family's beach house. That drive might've been my favorite part of the trip. Having never been to Myrtle Beach, it was quite the experience to cruise the Highway 17 strip. Memorable, that's for sure!

I worked from the beach house for a few days while B enjoyed golf with his grandpa, then we headed back to Durham, where I regrouped then headed back to the beach with my dear college girlfriend (getting married in December) and her best girlfriends for a weekend of girly movies, fresh seafood, and some sunshine.

B and I hosted our first house guest, Renee, another dear girlfriend from college. Even though she only stayed one night, didn't use any sheets or towels, and didn't let us feed her, we're still counting her as our first overnight guest.

I flew back to Birmingham for the first time (our first real time apart since the wedding, counting this and the girls' weekend above) and loved seeing lots of my Bham family and a few of my girls there in town for belated birthday celebrations.

When I got back, we had a little downtime with our first weekend in town (woohoo!) during which I was hopelessly lazy. We did make ribs to take to my sister and her family for Saturday night dinner. And by "we," I mean B stood outside for a lot of the afternoon under a steady drizzle. Yuck. He's amazing.

The next weekend, I babysat my nieces (yea Shrek!), then B and I took off again for the beach to spend a night with his parents, who camped out there for a few days.

B has survived the first quarter of his last year at law school and is finishing up his midterms as we speak (and fly, as the case will be tomorrow). Football season is underway and it's almost time for Taco Soup and Chili. We can't wait!

Like I said, tomorrow we leave on vacation and once we get home, we'll be settling in for a few weeks at home, at least until the holidays. We're working on talking my sister and her crew into a weekend away sometime soon. She reads this blog-- consider yourself cornered, sister! :)

Five months in and life is good. Bring on six!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


For the first time in my life, my name is Google-able. My maiden name took you to hundreds of thousands of fan sites for a childhood actress, not to mention a million other generic places. My new name, however, shows the newest feature I've written for one of our brand sites, my Dad's obit (where I'm mentioned), and an article I was interviewed for about the role of Twitter in the media.

I guess I better start being good!

Monday, October 5, 2009

October Sunburn

Yes, that's right friends. At the risk of sounding like I'm bragging, I got sunburned this weekend at the beach. In October. And I'm no lily these days; we've spent more time in the sun in the past two months than I have in the past two years combined! (Again, there goes that quasi-bragging radar).

B and I got a call from his parents last week that they were coming up to enjoy the beach for a few days, so we packed up on Saturday morning and headed for the ocean. Never one to pack light, I took our entire fridge (it happens), but that meant we had plenty of random food for snacks and, of course, wine!

We got there in time to get lunch at my favorite pizza joint on the island, then get set up before his parents arrived. After a long walk on the beach and a little sitting time on the porch, B and his Dad headed out to the fish market where they picked up some amazing jumbo shrimp and delicious tuna steaks. I wish we lived on the shore! Soon enough, I suppose.

It was great seeing his parents, and having a few hours to spend in the (shockingly strong) October sunshine. We stayed most of Sunday, heading out after a fantastic dinner with his Grandpa. Football, sun, sand, shrimp... This is the good life.

Babysitting 101

Me: So, we watched Shrek and I couldn't figure out how to explain to a three-year-old why Fiona was upset at the end of the movie.

Sister: Why was she upset?

Me: She got a kiss from her true love and thought she'd be beautiful, but she was still an ogre.

Sister: Oh, no. You've got to go with something easier there. Lost her blanket.

Brother-in-Law: Stubbed her toe.

Me: I have so much to learn.

Adventures in Babysitting

Friday night, I had such a treat. I got to spend a few hours with two of my favorite little people in the world: two of my nieces. I convinced their Mom to join their Dad at a work event and I descended with Shrek in hand for a few hours of fun before bedtime. And, let's be honest, bedtime is 8 pm, so I'm no real saint!

I got there in time to help with bath time (a must that night, as Ella had found the sunscreen and generously coated herself and her little sister in the coconutty goodness), then a hamburger and tatter tot dinner. Are you guys listening? Babies LOVE tots. I'm adding them to the must-have list, right behind goldfish, skittles, and marshmallows.

Once we shooed Mommy and Daddy out, we got down to business and watched Shrek. News flash to Aunt A: even PG movies have adult themes. I got bogged down trying to explain why Fiona was crying, but I wasn't about to tell these little innocent hearts, who have no idea what "ugly" or "self-conscious" really mean, that Fiona was upset because she found herself too ugly to get the guy. And for Christmas, Auntie A sent you that check for therapy she promised.

So there I was, so pathetically failing to explain why Fiona was crying (feeling ugly, remember?), why the dragon was crying (feeling lonely and defeated), and how Fiona wishes she could change into a beautiful girl so a man would love her without actually talking about any of those topics. How do parents do it? I asked my sister and brother-in-law when they got home and they said, "Oh no, you have to go with the easy answers. Lost blanket. Stubbed toe. That's about all they're in for as of now." Live and learn.

We loved the video (and the cookies and milk we sampled on the couch) and then, then came bedtime. Sienna went right down after a few "Where's Mommy?"s, but Ella proved a little more difficult. She baited me back upstairs twice, calling into the monitor, "AAAAAaaaa!" I'd head up there and find her sitting on her night stand asking about what happened to Fiona, which I later found out was a stall tactic. Brilliant.

B came over a few hours later, which felt totally high school and fabulous. We watched some bad tv until the 'rents got home and just enjoyed the feeling of hanging out in a house instead of an apartment for a night. I can't wait for that day!

Newlywed Moment of the Day

Me: Can I take a multi-vitamin with wine?

B: Hm. Drink my beer instead.