Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Deadlines Looming

Today is the last day for our room block rate, though I'm pretty sure the block may have filled already. Tomorrow is the deadline for RSVPs. It also marks the one-month point before the wedding, as well as the 30-day mark, which means that, beginning tomorrow, B and I can officially apply for our marriage license. Crazy!

This week is full of crossing things off the list. Meeting with the cake man. Meeting with the photographer. Shopping for presents. Finishing the slide show DVD. Finalizing the programs. Signing my taxes.

...So that last one isn't a wedding-related listing, but still just as valid, at least in Uncle Sam's book.

I think I'd be more "high-gear" minded if it felt like April outside, but because my windshield was iced over this morning and my car told me is was 39 outside, I'm still chilling happily back in February. Don't tell my Mom!

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