Monday, April 20, 2009

Hurrah! Pictures are Done!

There must've been a whole legion of angels up in heaven furiously working to hold up their oversized golf umbrellas to keep the rain aways yesterday. (What? There's golf in heaven, right?)

After working my way through 10 pounds of pecans (that's a lot of worry, but at least my cuticles were safe!), the skies cleared long enough for us to shoot outside for about an hour, plenty of time to get some good snaps. I cheated and saw the one Mom took with my camera and I love it! Here's hoping the real shots turned out as well.

We moved to a second location (trying our luck) and got one shot in before the skies opened and the bottom fell out. My photographer, bless her, sprinted toward me, threw the dress up over my head, covered me with a sheet and told me to run for the building. Nothing like a little teamwork, right?

Mom must've been nervous, too. She picked up lunch for herself on the way into town and never even stopped to eat it! Instead she glued hostess bags, organized Florence-bound gifts, and updated me on info sheets, tissue paper, and personalized labels. A woman on a mission, for sure! Point being, I had a fabulous McDonald's salad for lunch today and, I have to say, I was super impressed with it. It tasted just like the salad I love at Chili's, but at a fraction of the price. Yeah for bargains!

Post-pictures, we celebrated with wine and dinner at Brio (at 4:45), and then picked up wedding clothes/Christening gowns for one of my nieces and one of my nephews, then we headed home, packed up all the goodies, did the dress transfer (it's safely in Florence!), and got her on the road.

It was a crazy day, one that seemed to move in slow-motion the whole time. Driving to the location, at about 2:45, I felt like it must be 8pm already. Preview for the wedding? Probably not... I was so nervous about the weather yesterday, but, to be honest, rain or shine on the wedding day I end up married to B. Everyone wins!

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