Thursday, April 16, 2009

138-Year-Old Cake

Ew. Ok, and kind of cool. An English seller is auctioning off a 138-year-old one-inch slice of wedding cake from the marriage of Queen Victoria's fourth daughter, Princess Louise, to the Marquis of Lorne. Besides moldy icing, the cake comes with a pinch of scandal: Louise was the first to marry a commoner. Get it, girl!

I've heard of couples saving their top layer for a year, but what guest had the foresight (and cabinet space) to save wedding cake for nearly a century-and-a-half? And, honestly, parchment can do a lot, but it can't perform miracles...

While I'd love for my cake to compete with her five-foot-tall confectionery concoction (it weighted 225 pounds!), I must say that I hope my cake, and my photos, both turn out to be less stale than Louise's.

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