Friday, April 17, 2009

My Favorite

B's Dad snapped this photo about a month after we got engaged. It was our first time seeing them and we celebrated with Champagne as his Mom and I started peeking at a few of the bridal magazines my Mom had purchased for me. I love this photo-- totally happy! It's the perfect way to mark 22 days left on the countdown.

I told B last night that we'd be "teenagers" soon, referring to the countdown. He was confused, probably because I said something like, "the number of days we have left until the wedding is actually less than the number of our ages." Huh? I told him that even if we aged backwards, with one day equalling a year (shout-out to the Bible on that one), we wouldn't have time. Still confused by my clearly shaky logic, he just laughed when I told him our relationship was like Benjamin Button.

Love you, B!

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