Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Grrrr Macy's

Ok, so (for now) the registry is showing. We'll see how that goes. Beyond that though, I'm amazed. Macy's shipped us a present that wasn't for us. It was our china, but not our name on the packing slip inside and we had no idea who the sender was. So Mom tries dealing with Macy's, who basically tells her that there's no way we got the wrong gift, that it's simply impossible. Mom isn't so much worried about it being the wrong gift and trying to return it as she is that it's a switched gift and that somewhere, someone has our gift from a dear friend that will never get a thank you note.

So what does Mom do? Looks up the true recipients number and gives them a buzz. Turns out they do have a gift of ours from a dear family friend of B's. It's the same thing, except that we were shorted a serving bowl. The other girl's Dad tries dealing with Macy's, who eventually says "call it even, we'll send A a serving bowl."

Seriously? How do you ship presents to the wrong place? I used to be a huge Macy's advocate, but with all the trouble we've had with them, I'm amazed they're still thriving in a struggling market.

So it's no biggie to us. All is fine and we know who sent the wayward gift, but still. Macy's, step it up!

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~Z~ said...

Grrr...Macy's = F!