Thursday, April 9, 2009

Wedding Planning Moment of the Day

B's Mom: That's a very mean thing to say to a person with no dress.

She was laughing as she said it, so I know she still loves me! B's Mom has had a time. She ordered her dress long ago with a ship date of April 1. And then it got moved back. And moved back again. Now it's suppose to ship April 22, which doesn't leave her with much faith that it will a) actually ship on April 22 or b) that she'll have enough time to get it altered, if needed. Bless her heart! She's been a great sport about it, and is getting a little "just in case" shopping in in the meantime.

That said, we're officially one month out. The hotel blocks are closed, though that just means that the rate goes up by about $20, and the RSVPS are due today. To date, we have 235 guests attending, but still a good number that haven't RSVP'd... like 139. Here's hoping the postman hates us by the end of today!

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