Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Walk of Shame

This whole fascination started when I won the MyScoop Valentine's Day contest, which netted me several things, among them a dinner cooked by a personal chef, perfume, alcohol, and shiny earrings. One of the items in the gift basket, however, caught my eye: Flingwear.

Flingwear, as they're called, are tiny thongs carefully wrapped and tucked into little ziplock dime bags. Apparently they're good to keep in your purse for those nights that you either a) inexplicably lose your panties and need a new pair or b) find yourself out overnight unexpectedly and need a new pair for the morning. The tagline for the product is, "You're now free to fling!" If only they could merge their motto with Southwest, then we'd have "You're not free to fling about the country," which might just be the slogan for Hooters Air.

Mom, rest assured, I don't have a tiny bag of panties in my purse. For one reason, no thank you and for two, they were all size small and look intimidatingly small. At least through the bag. No, I haven't touched them yet.

B one-upped the Flingwear people with this find he sent me last night: the Walk of Shame kit. The kit, a $34.99 value, contains a dress, flip flops ("Because you can't run away fast enough in those heels"), a backpack, sunglasses, pre-pasted toothbrush, wipes, and a call/don't call "leave behind" note card that, depending on the side you fill in, either reminds him of your name or tells him to never call you again. Clever, cute, funny, and probably a pretty popular gag-gift among girlfriends, at least in the next holiday season.

One cool thing, though. The kit contains one last item: a breast cancer awareness bracelet. Apparently part of the proceeds from the kits are donated to "a breast cancer foundation", though it doesn't specify which.

Just a note, they do custom kits for clients. So far, all the names in the list are hotels in Vegas, which fits perfectly with the kit's slogan, "We'll Never Tell."

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