Monday, April 20, 2009

Hostess Bags & Little Debbies

Me: We need to think about what to put on the front of the hostess bags.
B: What about, "Welcome to beautiful Florence, sister city of..."
Me: No no no, that's going on the info sheet inside.
B: Oh. Well what about, "At least these aren't Little Debbies," or "Little Debbies were too expensive."
Me: What?
B: Hostess... Little Debbie.
Me: Oh goodness.
B: How about "You're a Star," like you're a star for coming to our wedding.
Me: No.
B: And we could put gold stars on there, too.
Me: Now you're getting cheesy.
B: But cheesy is memorable, and don't we want to be memorable?
Me: If we're going cheesy, why don't we just had out those plastic photo frames like you got for prom engraved with our wedding date and a photo of ourselves in a prom pose.
B: Well that wouldn't work.
Me: Why?
B: Because no one would want a picture of me. You maybe, but not me.
Me: I want a picture of you!
B: I'm just saying. Maybe we write "Thank you for coming to the wedding!"
Me: Sounds good.
B: And keep a sheet of gold stars around just in case...

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