Friday, April 10, 2009

Go, Go, Go!

One of my nieces has a super-cute habit. When you ask her what a cheerleader says, she kind of wobbles around, pumps her fist and says with "Go! Go! Go!" or "Touchdown!" Love it.

Well today I need my own cheerleader. This weekend is going to be a weekend to behold. By Sunday night, I should have:

Had a fabulous time with high school friends at a couples' shower

Finalized the program and given Mom the go-ahead to start printing

Finished a few presents

Wrapped a few other presents

Finished the rehearsal dinner slide show

Ordered napkins for the wedding

Finalized our timeline for the big day

Ordered other related big-day items

Applied for the marriage license

B's coming into town (Yea!), so that's a super big high point and I'm actually glad he's knee-deep in exam prep, because then we can both break out the laptops tomorrow and power couple our way through a morning at a local coffee joint. I can only hope they serve wine before noon...

So it's a "Good" Friday for a lot of reasons today, and I have much to be thankful for, especially seeing Mom and Dad, to boot!

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