Friday, October 31, 2008

Best. Halloween. Ever.

I'm not so much a "dress up" girl. I didn't do costume parties in college (save B's "Babe and a Bottle" night, which was so not a mistake, cough cough). Not because I didn't want to or was above them or whatever, just because I never had any good ideas. Thank you Disney channel--now I know I look like Miley Cyrus. And Miley, I can do.
Tonight started fabulously. Mom came into town for a little dress shopping and we had a blast. It's much more fun being on the "try that one on again" side of the couch instead of the actual tryer-oner. After our visit to The White Room, we headed to the mall for a delicious dinner at Brio and, well, it was just so awesome to have some down-time with mom. Wish I could get it every day. :)
I left at the mall to explore the Special Occasion racks and ran home to morph into Miley. Not so much an Alex Mack conversion (all over liquification, if you remember), but more a subtle "let the hair down and drape a sheet" transition. I didn't go for everyday Miley, you see. I went for the Lebowitzed Miley, sheet and all. If B had been in town, I would've made him go as Billy Ray, following me around and making over-the-top awkward comments all night. And maybe sharing an ice cream cone. Ah, how I miss B.
As it were, I headed over to the party in a sheet held up by a single bobby pin and my expert tucking ability. I figured, when the sheet went, it was time to go home.
The party, a haunted house warming at K's new home, was phenomenal, complete with green punch, bite-sized treats, and spiderwebs on the chandelier. Fabulous. In attendance I spotted Sarah Palin (in her days as Miss Alaska), a hockey mom, Micheal Phelps, Marie Antoinette, Avril, a sk8er boi, a french maid, a 50s cheerleader, a saloon mistress, a cowboy, and Spider Man. Amazing.
So here's to a fun night with friends, and to forgetting a forgettable week at work, what with the down-sizing and "reorganization" of the company leadership. Hard times for all. Candy for everyone!
And, of course, to the cutest of the bunch, my nieces who went as pumpkins, lady bugs, and Renaissance princesses, and my nephew, who I believe went as Thomas the Engine. I can't wait for pics! Happy Halloween to all!

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jud said...

I was just reading some of your previous posts and wanted to tell you that I am a big fan of your articles/stories in guideposts. I remember the first time I read one and then saw your name after it and I'm like, hey, I know her! I know somebody famous! :) Keep up the good work!