Sunday, October 19, 2008

Wedding Planning Moment of the Day

Dreamed about the bridesmaids earrings last night. Yep, they were beautiful-- white gold dangles with a sweet little curve to them and a cluster of tiny pearls following the curve. They were sweet, delicate, and looked nothing like this. Anyone know how to make jewelry? Will sketch for studs, err... drops.

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Angie (Ingmire) Applegate said...

My sister has gotten into jewelry making. She did my wedding earring and necklace and did necklaces and earrings for the bridesmaids as well. I knew what I wanted for the necklace and she was dead on for that and made the earrings based on the necklace. She's in Orlando, but I'd be happy to give you her e-mail or phone number. She's done a lot of jewelry for me and I'd be happy to show you pictures. She also has a shop at Etsy, but doesn't have pictures up yet.