Friday, October 24, 2008

Wedding Planning Moment of the Day

Working on the wedding website these days... did you know how hard it is to find a hosting site that does not play music when opened? Seriously, like a Rascal Flatts ballad is the way introduce your wedding perusing at the office. Negative, friends. No music for us. No website wedding invitation RSVPs either. Another topic for another day, but I'm beginning to be known as the etiquette stickler around the office. I'm sorry--if I send you a stamped RSVP card and all you have to do is check yes or no and write your name, I think that should be easy enough? Maybe I need to get on board with the online RSVP thing. I mean, I'm all for it for any other invitation that does not include a stamped RSVP card because offering an online option (email or website) makes it easier, and that's what you want for your guests: easy. This may require some self reflection, and possibly therapy.

That said, if you do see an online RSVP option for the wedding invitation, please feel free to use it and forget I ever wrote this post, ok? I'll sneak you extra cake if you don't even bring it up.

So yes, the wedding website is forthcoming and I promise to post it up here when I actually get it done. And, when you get the link, you know you can open it wherever you are without Canon in D blaring.

You're welcome!

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