Sunday, October 19, 2008

Movie Madness

B and I wanted to see a movie this weekend, but were pretty clueless as to what was playing. What? We've been busy! So I suggested we go to F.Y.E. and see if there was something we wanted to buy. Honestly, $9 to buy vs $20 to attend... seemed like a good deal to me.
We picked up Forgetting Sarah Marshall and My Cousin Vinny then headed home. Clearly I hadn't read the DVD jackets well or, let's be honest, at all, because this was our conversation on the way home...
B: Which do you want to watch tonight?
Me: Um... let's do funny.
B: I think you'll love Sarah Marshall, but My Cousin Vinny is funny too.
Me: Yeah, I don't know about My Cousin Vinny.
B: Why? I thought you'd like it. I mean, it's set in Alabama.
Me: But hon, I don't really want to watch two guys haul a dead guy around for two hours. Freaks me out.
B: What?
Me: What?
B: You're thinking of Weekend at Bernie's. That one has the dead guy.
Me: Wait, really? So what's My Cousin Vinny about?
B: A trial in Alabama.
Me: Oh! That sounds awesome. Just so long as there are no dancing dead guys.
B: Oh, he doesn't dance until Weekend at Bernie's II, when he gets a voodoo hex put on him. And even then, only when music is playing.
Me: (silence)

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