Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wedding Planning Moment of the Day

Another great quasi-anxiety dream last night...

I dreamed that I was staying at a friend's house while her family was gone and I decided to bake some bread as a thank you. As I was kneading the bread, I realized that it was pulling the diamonds out of my ring! Not the center stone, but the stones along the band. So I freaked out and started digging through the uncooked loaf, pulling out the diamonds and stacking them up. The stack of them was huge, probably about 200, and the backs of them were green and black.

[For the record, I know diamonds don't have backs, and if they do, they shouldn't be otherwise colored. It's a dream, folks, let it go.]

So I dug them all out and had my pile. I began digging through phone books to figure out where I could take the stones to get them reset into the band, which looked so pitiful with its little empty spots. Someplace reputable, I thought, not a place that might steal them. Bromberg's!

Bromberg's is a great local Birmingham fine-jewelry store, so I began flipping through the stack of phone books, all those useless "yellow pages" books where nothing is in alphabetical order, but rather in categories, only there was no category for Jewelry or Gem.

The cleaning people showed up and I put them to work looking through the phone books. Then my dad came in and was trying to make me feel better when the cleaning people yelled that they found the number!

I grabbed the number, which was mixed in with a bunch of other numbers, and began dialing.

"Hey baby," B said.

Eeek! I'd autodialed B by mistake. "Haha, hi honey! Um, can I call you right back?" I asked.

"Um, sure," he said.

Safe! Called Bromberg's and realized I only had 30 minutes left (because they close at 6 on Sunday) to get there, so I dashed outside, naked, running to my car to get there on time.

I look up on the porch and see Z sitting on the front porch in a rocking chair, laughing.

"Now this," she said to my friend whose house it was, "is why I called you over here. Hilarious!"

...I've heard that when people dream their teeth are falling out, it means they've got anxiety. What does that mean for me? No more bread baking, that's for sure.


Z said...

HAHA - NOOO!!! I don't want to be laughing at you in your anxiety dream!!! That really isn't a very nice way for me to visit you...

Anyhow, there is really no need for you to panic, and here is why:

(a) I'm sure you would never consider sticking your beautiful fancy ring in bread dough in real life (although my Nana used to keep her rings on when she baked and there were always little bits of dough stuck in them, which I sort of liked...)

(b) I'm sure B got you a fancy enough ring that it could take a little bread kneading if you wanted to!!

(c) You may be a bit computer illiterate (I read your previous post!) but you do know how to use "the google" which would have found you a phone number in about 30 seconds, thus giving you time to get dressed before leaving.

(d) why were you baking naked in someone else's house? as a thank you? ha! ~;o)

(e) I think your dream looses to my dream in last night's weird anxiety category. I dreamed that my mom and sister and APL went to the beach, but I wasn't feeling well so I stayed home (which apparently was near the beach.) It turned out that the reason I wasn't feeling well was because I was IN LABOR. Luckily, my dream didn't focus in on the "being all alone through my first and very unexpected birthing experience." It just moved right on to: then I had this baby. I had the baby in a basket on the floor. And I couldn't figure out what to do with it. It was all lethargic and I thought it was sick or something. So I was panicking about how to make it feel better. Then I realized I hadn't fed it in hours so I whipped off my shirt to breast feed it and it practically devoured me! Then it was a little happier, but then I realized that APL's parents were on their way over and they didn't know anything about me having a baby! In fact, neither did APL!! AND I HADN'T NAMED IT! Somehow, the lack of a name was the biggest problem and so I was freaking out, looking around the room, trying to think of things I could name this kid that had suddenly appeared. Lamp? Lampy? Bedside table? AHHH!!!

So, yeah, there's an interesting anxiety dream for you. And it seems to me that surprise unnamed sickly baby totally beats naked diamond replacement any day. ~;o)

Z said...

Also, FYI: I think I'm dreaming about sick babies because my poor puppy has been sick. It's awful because there's really nothing you can do for her. She's been moping around the house for days. Anyhow, I just wanted to make it clear that it is the SICK baby part of the dream you ought to focus on, not the UNEXPECTED baby part. ~;o)