Sunday, October 19, 2008

We Can Get Married!

No, we didn't find a priest, but there was one other thing really throwing a hitch in our wedding planning's get-along. It really was up in the air if my dad would bless the wedding. But your dad's so sweet! you say. Yes, he is. Your dad loves you, you say. Yes, he does. He does not, however, like it when Alabama loses. And every time B comes to an Alabama game, we lose.
It's been going on for years and, to be honest, none of us ever noticed. But after another long car ride home in the traffic after a loss, B leaned over and said, "You know we never win when I come." And it's true!
So yesterday was big. Huge! Alabama was up by, what, 21 points at halftime? Something crazy. But then, as per usual with us this year, we slowly let Ole Miss creep back in alllll the way through the second half. At one point, B looked at me, fresh worry in his eyes, and said, "I'm never going to get to come back, am I?"
Alabama eeked it out in the end and, boy, am I glad. It's not that we couldn't have gotten married otherwise, but it sure would've been hard to leave B at home all those Saturdays while I was at the game...
Marriage. It's about compromise, right?

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