Saturday, October 18, 2008

Picture Perfect

Yesterday's photo shoot was anything but, but B and I had a blast all the same. The day stayed misty and gray, so we moved the shoot up in order to take advantage of any extra sun. The good news is that our photographers were amazing--quick, knowledgeable, and still fun. Gives me great hope for the wedding day photos being snappy and enjoyable, rather than dragging on and on. Love them!
...Plus they kept telling us how good we looked. Gotta love that. The day went totally smoothly, even when, at the last minute, I had to have B fix my belt with a hammer, nail, and packing tape. He's my real-life McGuiver.
The whole thing took, I kid you not, 15 minutes and B and I were back in the car and on the way home. We celebrated with dinner at Nabeel's, a great Greek neighborhood restaurant, then headed home to watch that Sarah Marshall movie. Am I a bad person that I found it hilarious? I think not. Perfect end to a super-relaxing day.
Today B and I are off to the Alabama/Ole Miss game. Roll Tide!!

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Jennifer said...

First of all - yes, it makes a world of difference to hear how good you look in pictures! On wedding day, my two photographers had an assistant who, besides taking pictures, just kept telling me how gorgeous my dress, hair, veil, etc. was. It was terrific - and hello - that's part of being the bride!

Secondly, I freakin loved that movie. I wish the dracula rock opera really existed b/c I would so go watch it.