Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wedding Planning Moment of the Day

B: Why are you going to Atlanta next weekend?

Me: To pick up the dress.

B: Don't you have to try on the bustle?

Me: Well, kind of.

B: But it should be attached by then.

Me: (silence) Um, it should be. Do you know what a bustle is?

B: Yeah, it's the thing that tucks the dress up.

Me: Kind of.

B: The pocket.

Me: Pocket? Not exactly.

B: It's the thing that attaches to the back of the dress and picks up the skirt where you can dance. Is that correct?

Me: Yes.

B: Do I need to know any more than that?

Me: You don't even need to know that much.

B: Ok then. We're solid.

Me: Mom asked me last night if you knew what it was, then said she bet you'd googled it.

B: Absolutely not.

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~kelly marie~ said...

This had made me laugh so much!! My husband thought a bustle was a separate thing. I am pretty sure that he still doesn't know what it is! Thanks for the great laugh :).