Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Toot and Puddle

Flat Stanley is an old friend of mine, but this Toot character is definitely new. A friend of mine got Toot in the mail-- Toot is a little pig with a natural desire to travel and see the world. He has a buddy, Puddle, that would rather go we-we-we-we (pun-intended) all the way home.

Let's get something straight: This might be the most awkwardly-named duo ever to exist. Toot and Puddle? I'm betting the story originators thought this bad boy would never get off the ground. Turns out, it's huge! PBS, National Geographic, etc...

Toot came to me via my friend, whose 5-year-old nephew selected her as his recipient for the class project. Toot comes with a disposable camera and a journal, where he writes about his travels so that he can share them with Puddle, and the rest of the class.

So today, Toot came to work with me and we visited the test kitchens here at the magazine. The ladies there weren't satisfied just letting Toot sit on the counter. No, they styled him with a pink mixer, a cookbook, a rolling pin, and a spatula. It seems that Toot got to make some cookies today. Here's to having a family-friendly, fun-loving group of people at the office, and indulgent aunts with good friends. :)

Tonight Toot is off to visit Vulcan and a few other Birmingham hot spots with my friend, then he's off on more adventures until he returns home in May. Love it.

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