Monday, March 16, 2009

I Want My Brownies Back

One of my hostesses and at least two other guests (that I know of) haven't gotten their invitations. Luckily, two of them (but still not the hostess') got returned to the house today. According to my Mom, the addresses are perfectly correct and legible, only now they have a huge red "RETURN TO SENDER" stamp across them.

What gives, Post Office? I pay for your stamps. I even pay extra postage for the invitations. And yet you refuse to deliver them? I want my brownies back, Enricho.

The hard part is knowing that some people don't have invitations, and we won't know who they are. Mom said we could call after the RSVP date just to make sure anyone that hasn't sent their card in did actually get an invitation.

Weirder yet, none of the Save the Dates came back, and we mailed using the same list. Who knows. For now, I've told the hostess that she's not actually invited. She's done so much work, I've "upgraded" her to vendor status. Congrats, honey!

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We are BLESSED. said...

HA! I would definitely get the brownies back. Or just bake another batch as a "thank you" batch and add a little something extra, like some Ex-Lax. I'm not sure if Mom ever got hers but no worries, she knows she's invited (she saw your Mom the other night at Ricatoni's and sweet Joan asked her about it). Bless your heart!