Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sister, Sister

I can hardly believe it-- My sister gets in tonight for a full-on girls weekend in town. I can't wait! It reminds me of being back in college when I'd take the train to visit her in Boston for long weekends over the winter break. She taught me to cook apartment-style meals for big groups (calzones, anyone?), rented fabulous movies (old black and white classics that I never knew I loved), and generally just bonded. Looking back on those visits, which likely totaled about 12 days across the four years I spent in New Jersey, they were some of my best, brightest memories.

Now, things have changed. She's married to an amazing guy and has two beautiful little girls. I actually get to see her more often, as her family lives in the city where B attends law school, but now it's different. We bake cookies and celebrate birthdays and it's wonderful, but every once in a while we still sneak in sister-to-sister conversations that I just love. Makes me feel special to have such a great sister that I can go to for, well, anything. And I do mean anything.

So this weekend feels a little like a throw-back. Our Mom went to stay with her little girls so she could come down here and have a girls' weekend with me. I can't wait to just hang out, run errands she needs to get done, and just enjoy hearing about what all she's been up to. (Did I mention she's starting the final year of her PhD studies? Yep, amazing.)

She arrives late tonight (ee!) and then tomorrow, the festivities begin. Since about October, she's been working to pull together a fabulous girls' weekend in town, including a welcome dinner, a fun brunch, a shower, dinner out, and going out with my bridesmaids and hostesses. I think my Florence-based sister-in-law might even make it, which would be amazing!

Needless to say, I've got some great ladies in my life. And I can't wait to see my favorite tonight!

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