Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I have the best Mom ever. Nothing else I can really say. If I didn't already appreciate her just for who she is (that being the person I hope to become), the fact that she not only took care of two of my nieces this weekend so I could have a girls' night with my sister and one of my sisters-in-law, plus a ton of friends, but she also just told me "Don't worry," and you know what? I won't.

If I love her for nothing else (and that would be HARD!), I love her for her ability to have faith and trust. She is eternally hopeful, eternally faithful, and perpetually wonderful to me. She once told me that the Bible says the phrase "Do not fear" exactly 365 times, which fits nicely into the "once for every day of the year" prescription that so many of us need.

I love my Mom. And now I can go back to work. And eat lunch. And stop worrying that I might throw up on my keyboard.

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