Friday, March 27, 2009

Hello, Weekend!

I can't believe it's Friday again. Where are these weeks rushing off to? Don't get me wrong; I'm thrilled! Tonight I'm taking it pretty easy: taking a walk if the weather permits, working on the slide show for the rehearsal dinner, and making something low-key for dinner.

Tomorrow I'm off to Atlanta to pick up the dress! I'm going in on Saturday to make sure the bustle works/fits, then will give them 24 hours to press/steam it and then bring it home on Sunday. Somehow having that big dress in the car with me is going to make this all seem very real. Note to self: clean out car.

Last night I took one fabulous girlfriend to the home of another's for our first Pampered Chef party and, to be totally honest, we had a blast! I think because the host, our friend, wasn't the one doing the selling and she quite frankly couldn't care less if we made purchases or not. "Come and eat," she said. "She's cooking for us!"

So we went and ate and drank and played with the dozen kitchen tools "needed" to make a Mexican lasagna and just generally had a good time. My problem is that I can see why each and every one of those things is fabulous to have, but then I'd have each and every one of those things crammed into my tiny cabinets. I may order a baking stone. Pizza, cookies... what more could I want?

By the time I get back to work on Monday, there will be 40 days left until the wedding. Sign. Me. Up!

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