Monday, March 16, 2009

A Chance of Showers

I headed to Atlanta this weekend for a couple of reasons, but the main point was to attend an Entertainment-themed shower thrown by B's Mom's friends. They started the whole event off by sending out the cutest invitations I've ever seen (and, having been in 9 weddings, I've seen a lot of invitations!).

So I knew going into Saturday's soiree that it was going to be an event to remember and was I ever right. A steady misting rain didn't stop the ladies from coming out in full force. One of my favorite images from the day was as Mom and I were walking up. Several of the neighbors had been invited, so everyone was just spilling out of their homes onto the street with their colorful umbrellas and pretty packages. So fun. So 50s (though that may have been the short circle skirt dress with cap sleeves that I chose to wear talking). I want to live in a close neighborhood like that!

B's favorite lady, basically his second mom, opened her house for the shower and hosted the event with four other women that either helped raise B through the years (and have sons B's age) or have been a dear friend to B's Mom. I knew these ladies had gotten together to plan and plan they did. Every detail, from the gold rings in the petit fours to the collage at the front door showcasing our Save the Date, invitation, and announcement, was gorgeous. Beautiful flowers, light music in the background, mimosas flowing (it was a noon shower, after all), and about 25 friends of the extended Atlanta family, plus my Mom, aunt, and cousin... I call that a fabulous party.

We lunched on rice salad, fresh fruit, muffins, quiche, green salad, cheese straws, mints, and cake, then settled in for the gifts. I have to tell this part, because I loved it. Instead of having me sit and open the gifts, the hostesses instead passed out gifts to everyone, so each lady was able to open a gift at the same time. Then we went around the room and read the card we had and showed the gift. It was such a fun way to open the presents. I got to appreciate them from across the room and actually listen to the meaningful cards, rather than think about what I was going to say in response to opening the gift itself. It really kept me in the moment and, I think, made it more fun for the other ladies.

After a couple hours, we called B over to say hi and help move the gifts into my car. This whole wedding process has been interesting for me. I'm sure I'm not the first to feel this way, but I have to say that of all the emotions I expected to encounter, being humbled wasn't one of them. Yet time and time again, I find myself almost in tears as I think about the people taking time out of their lives to send notes, plan a trip to the big event, attend showers, or send the most lovely gifts. It really is humbling to think that people do really care about you and want to celebrate your joy. What a wonderful reminder for me, especially during what could easily be a very self-centered time.

All I know is that I'll always cherish the memory of sitting in that room surrounded by women that love B and are willing to welcome me into the fold just because we've chosen to be with each other. It's the best support of all.

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