Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ace of Plates

B and I did our first "walk-through" at Bed, Bath, & Beyond today. It started innocently enough--he had sheets to return and, well, I like following him wherever he goes. So in we went and, after a quick exchange, we were just browsing around and I asked if he wouldn't mind a detour through the china department, "just to get an idea."
I have a pretty big inkling that B isn't going to be huge in picking a lot of the detail stuff, but not for lack of interest. For one, he's pretty stinkin busy with law school summer internship call backs, taking care of me, and, of course, actually doing his work so he can stay in law school. Plus, after five years, we know each other pretty well. I can look at something and see the flaw he'll notice or the quality issue that will irk him. He can look at something and know that I'd call it "wonky"... Let's just say I'm less discerning in my reasoning behind likes and dislikes.

So we wandered around, mostly because I keep thinking we'll clash on some of this stuff, and sure enough we crinkled our nose at the same uber-flowery stuff and actually reached for the same flatware.

Am I lucky? I think so. B's pretty close to perfect (she types as he swiffers the kitchen in preparation for her birthday party that he's hosting for their friends). Then again, all you "Smug Marrieds," as Bridgett Jones once named you, out there might be shaking your head and saying "Just you wait, A. You'll see." Do me a favor.. leave me to my delusions. For all you know, I could be right. I'll be sure to let you know when I find out...

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Jennifer said...

When we picked our china (Vera Wang/Wedgwood Silver Lace) Zack and I agreed immediately on china, flatware, and crystal. I think the heavens parted and the angels sang because up until that point it was "Who needs this stuff anyway?" But he actually came around, admitted they could become heirlooms and be used on special occassions, and really liked the same things I liked. You ARE lucky, and don't let anyone tell you differently!