Friday, August 22, 2008

I Heart Alabama Stuff

Victoria's Secret's Pink line has started a Collegiate Collection and I am in love with this super cute hoodie.  Granted, also in love with the plain Alabama tee.  How comfy does this look?  Countdown to game day is on with the first game being a week from today in Atlanta vs Clemson.  I'm missing that one to visit B in Durham (eee!), but I'll be cheering from the comfy green couch.  
It may be cliche, but nothing beats game day.  Despite the traffic in, the even worse traffic out, and the over-the-top terrible-for-you food served all day long, it's the best part of the year.  Plus I get to spend lots of time with my daddy on his turf seeing his old haunts from his Alabama days.  What could be better?

I hate I'm missing the first game, but I'm getting excited for all the ones I will make.  As for me, this weekend is total indulgence: dinner and shopping with J tonight, visiting K at her new home in Montgomery tomorrow, and then Sunday is Mass, bridal show, and movie night with the girls.  Ah lazy weekends that are packed with all the best in life.  If only I could get B here, all would be perfect.

Hmmm.. despite my best intentions and paid work on a website, I can't figure out how to embed a link from a mac, so here's the hook-up.  Enjoy!

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