Friday, August 22, 2008

Wedding Planning Moment of the Day

B: So I signed up on The Knot so I could look at their honeymoon stuff.

Me: Oh, no...

B: And now they're emailing me asking what city our wedding is in.

Me: Run. Run away. Run away now.

For those of you who don't know, The Knot (.com) is a great wedding resource. You can look up tons of cakes, dresses, etc and chat on message boards. Sounds peachy, right? Except that two boards have just been stripped clean due to their over-aggressive (read: m.e.a.n.) content, namely "Advice from Brides" (now named "Snarky Brides") and "Not (Yet) Engaged".

But the real kicker is that in order to see any image larger than thumbnail size, you have to sign in, which is how they got B. But then they start asking you innocent questions, sizing up your location, budget, wedding party, etc, and start emailing you every day with reminders, countdowns, to-do lists, etc. Marriage? What marriage? Today is MY day. There is no tomorrow! Sheesh.

...I do love that he was on The Knot for honeymoon planning. Well done, B. We're nothing if not well researched.


cp said...

i want to be a better writer, like you!

Katie said...

The knot cracks me up but it is helpful sometimes. I recommend for honeymoon planning. It was a great resource for us!