Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Wedding Planning Moment of the Day

Me: Sweetie? What do you want people to throw at us as we leave."
B: (horrified face over video phone)
Me: I mean, they can blow bubbles or throw rice. Or rose petals. Or hold sparklers. Or really anything we want.
B: Doves.
Me: Doves?
B: Yeah! People could hold them and let them go. Who wouldn't love that?
Me: (raising hand over video phone)
B: Ok, ok. Let's compromise [Editor's Note: SEE? Them premaritals is going good.] How about kittens? They're cute. People can throw them at us, and they don't have wrists, so they always land on their feet. Softly.
Me: Ooh, or maybe small children! People could throw their kids at us.
B: Now that would just be weird.

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