Tuesday, August 19, 2008

McDreamy: The Boy

In honor of the upcoming start of the new season of Grey's Anatomy, a few friends and I watched McDreamy's 1989 "hit" Loverboy. Basic plot? A bleach-blond spikey-haired McDreamy needs to make $9,000 fast so that he can get back to college and see his sweetheart before she breaks up with him for good. He starts turning tricks (I kid you not) as a pizza delivery boy. Code name? Extra Anchovies. (Seriously, you can't make the 80's up.)
Aside from being hilarious in its own right, the movie was packed with high-cut bikinis, shoulder pads, and rolled socks...basically a two hour homage to Aqua Net. So start your Grey's Nights a week early and rent this gem. It's a refreshing look at how preteen boys are suppose to look shirtless: like boys, not these over-built herculean studs you see wandering around now. Then again, McDreamy could've used a little peer pressure. He styled his spiked hair by pressing it in between pages of a dictionary. Enough said.

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