Wednesday, August 20, 2008

International Male = National Disaster

Ever missed the 80's? Now there's a cure for that. Simply take a nice, hard look at this 1986 issue of International Male. I promise never to long for spandex and poofy bangs again. (Wait, do I ever long for that? Doubtful.)
Angel tops. Fanny packs. Short short SHORT shorts with wanna-be Timberlands. Plus check out the guys. I know humans don't evolve this much in less than 20 years. Is it the style? Does style actually alter jawline? Plus everyone is looking left. Very awkward.

Love the author. Best comment yet:

It takes me back to when, as a wee lass, I found out Rolfe was a Nazi in the Sound Of Music. Sniff.

There are no words. Thanks to J (again!) for the fabulous find.

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