Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Poem from My First Husband

Before I start getting crazy questions, let me explain. In 10th grade Bible class, we had to pair up with a "husband" and basically do marriage-prep. I honestly can't remember what that entailed, but I do know who my husband was: Jeffrey Pannell. He was (and is!) a sweet, amazing guy that turned out to be one of my best friends from high school. And here are his fabulous words about our upcoming divorce:

Ashley Johnson, my first love
Sent to me from Heaven above
We married in ye ole' high school days
I was hooked in that first gaze

We were so happy, we were so free
Together forever, I thought we'd be
But I knew I was in trouble when she saw other men
All those lunches in the cafeteria were all for pretend

We sat by each other in chapel
I knew she was looking around"
Ha," she would think
"I don't want to be with this clown"

She left me, deserted me for those other guys
Two "Deans" and a track star caught her eyes
Then in college, she met the man for her life
I knew I was in trouble of losing my first wife

So now I hear she's getting married
Can't wait for the day
Guess I'll sign those divorce papers
Right away

Truth is I can't be more happy for her
I know that she's excited
I guess I may even go to the wedding
That is, if I'm invited

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