Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Wedding Planning Moment of the Day

Early morning phone call from B...

B: I had a dream about the wedding last night.

Me: No way! Tell me about it.

B: I'll have to tell you more later--it was really funny. I remember everything leading up to the wedding and everything after the wedding, but I think I must've blacked out during the wedding, because it's just not there. I think I was just really excited.

Me: Did post-wedding me fill you in on the vows you promised, like the one to buy me lots of pretty things or to always snuggle during football games?

B: No.

Me: Man, dream me is way nicer than real-life me.

Things I'm sad I didn't ask my soothsayer fiance:

1) What color are the bridesmaid dresses?
2) Did we do photos before or after the ceremony?
3) What band was playing at the reception?

Seriously. Gotta put these dreams to work.

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