Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wednesday Wake-Up Call

This morning, at the unconscionable hour of 7:30 a.m., my phone began blaring whatever tinkly music I have it set to. Usually I'd be able to remember what the song is, but, when it's that early, I'm useless. Anyway, I draw myself up from my abyss of pillows (they are some GOOD pillows, thanks B) and peering at my phone. "K Cell."

Now I love my sister (see post below), but I have no idea why she's calling so early. Granted, it could've been an emergency, but because she has two adorable daughters, E (2 years) and A (7 months), I figured it was probably just "I've been awake since 5 a.m. with two munchkins, so really it's almost lunchtime so get out of bed you lazy sister" syndrome. I'm not one for early morning lectures, so I silence it and roll over.

A minute or so goes by and no voicemail ding. Hm. Curious. Another minute passes and then I get the voicemail ding signifying what might be the longest message ever left in the history of Verizon wireless.

Curiosity killed my sleepiness and I woke up enough to check the message and this is what I heard.

"Nana? It's E. Ok. Ok, ok, ok, ok. Ok. Ok, ok, ok, ok. Nana. Ok. Ok, ok, ok, ok. E."

I died laughing and of course saved the message (which means I have three voicemails saved...1) My three-year-old nephew saying "Congratulations! I'm going to eat all your birthday cake. I mean wedding cake." 2) Same nephew at age two singing me "Happy Birthday," then pausing half-way through to say "I tink she hanged up." 3) The above conversation with Nana (my mom, E's grandma).

I'm not sure how to interpret the message. Clearly E loooooves playing with mommy's phone and has figured out that if you hit the green button enough (Send), then, eventually, someone answers! But her conversation cracked me up. She obviously gets that you ask for the person you're calling, the identify yourself, then, apparently, agree with every single thing the person is saying or asking you to do. At least if it's your Nana. I'd say that's a pretty good lesson to learn so early.

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Julie said...

Hey Ashley,
Yeah we use Holly. We really like her. We told her that we knew you. She showed us your recent family picture. I guess you will have to get another one and include B in it. :)