Monday, January 19, 2009

Whirlwind Weekend

Thank God for parents.  I called Mom and Dad last week and realized that we needed to get some fun things for the wedding knocked out before they headed off to Mexico with the kiddos in a month (lucky ducks).  So I packed the car and headed home for 47 hours of alumni interviews, Save the Date stuffing, photo selecting and scanning, china browsing, and one fabulous brunch of fried chicken and mashed potatoes at the country club.

I got into town just in time to meet with U, one of the Princeton hopefuls from Florence this year.  I took advantage of my visit into town and met her at Trowbridge's so I could grab a dish of their rainbow sherbet.  I know it's the same thing I buy at the store, but somehow (maybe it's the bulk purchase), it just tastes better there.  Besides, if I hadn't ordered that, I would have ordered a grilled cheese, a chicken salad on wheat, and a chili dog.  Aka, my usual.  Hey, the sandwiches are small, ok?

U and I talked for about an hour as we nursed our chocolate sundae and sherbet, respectively, and talked about her interests and addressed her questions on campus life and beyond.  She was my first alumni interview, so I had a blast figuring out where to go with everything.  I kept it casual, much like my alumni interview back in 2000, which took place at the Town Creek, Alabama BBQ pit.  And, yes, I did wear an interview suit while I ate my stuffed spud.

The next day, I met another applicant, G, at one of the three coffee spots in town and, with one interview under my belt, felt confident that this one would go just as well.  I think it may have been more fun for me to think back and relive my (cough glory days cough) time at Princeton.  It's not often I sit and reflect on my four years there and the friends that I've come away with.  It was the perfect amount of cozy on what was a cold winter day.

With snow (snow!) flurries fluttering around me, I spent the rest of the weekend browsing old images of myself as a baby through the time I started dating B, then mercilessly forcing my Mom to help me scan them in.  All 245 of them.  Don't worry, wedding attendees, these aren't all for the slideshow.  But it seemed like if I was taking the time to go through them, I could at least pull the ones I wanted to have on my computer.  Portable warm fuzzies, if you will.

The time not scanning or waxing poetic about my college years passed pretty uneventfully.  Stuffing, stamping, labeling Save the Dates, cleaning out old contraband from my room (Cosmos... gasp!  Note: Magazine, not Alcohol), and browsing china with Mom.

Now I'm back in Birmingham and last piece of the Save the Dates has arrived, so I'm off to put in some fabulous girly movie and stuff, stamp, and seal the night away. Best Monday in a while, I'd say.

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