Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fame and Fortune

...Or at least fame, anyway. About a year and a half ago, I snuggled up to B and begged him to come with me to the Smokies for a photoshoot I was doing. Lest you think I've taken up a part-time gig modeling, let me assure you that I was one of the contributors on this piece, but that guys ages 20-40 are hard-pressed to find unoccupied on a random Tuesday afternoon. So I like to bring my own.

Enter B. He was in baseball's off season, so he didn't have a real reason not to come. Plus, if I remember correctly, I got his gas bill reimbursed and fed him the whole weekend. It was a win win for everyone involved.

Funny thing about digital media. It often gets repurposed, which is how B ended up on the homepage of a very popular magazine's website under the heading of 6 Romantic Getaways. Which means it was perhaps a little more of a win for me than for B, though I did overhear him a few minutes ago asking a buddy to bring it up online at the library. I knew he was model material...

The best part? I had to hide my left hand in this photo, because otherwise we'd get letters at the magazine about the crazy unwed couple shacked up in the mountains.

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