Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 Things About Me

I was tagged on Facebook to do this about 15 times, so I finally sat down and realized it would be fun to think of things about me that even my closest friends and *gasp* B might not even know...

1. Before falling asleep, I check my alarm clocks (both of them) at least three times. I think I finally broke one two nights ago.
2. If the shower curtain is closed when I walk into any bathroom, I have to push it back to make sure no one's hiding behind it. Have ever since 6th grade.
3. I once made my parents install blinds on my second-story bedroom because I was sure someone would climb our antiquated TV tower and peek to see what I was doing in my room. And now that I've told you, I'll always make sure they're closed.
4. I refuse to eat white foods, icing, or pretty much anything I haven't tried before, unless I'm at someone else's house. B's broken me of the last one by sheer force of will.
5. I drink orange juice (plus calcium!) every morning from an insulated cup, whether I'm at work or at home.
6. I always take a glass of water to bed with me, but never drink it, so by the end of the week, my nightstand looks the final scene from the movie Signs.
7. I'm engaged to a retired professional baseball player turned lawyer. And, no, I'm not making him up.
8. Scrabble is my favorite boardgame, mostly because it engaged my love of words and my hopes to one day finish a newspaper crossword puzzle.
9. I can recall the lyrics to any song I've ever heard, country, rap, gospel, or otherwise on command.
10. In high school, I set records with my relay team for the 4X100 and the 4X400.
11. In college, I hurt my knee in a freak sledding accident and running is not so much the same anymore.
12. If I had enough friends to feed and an unlimited supply of sugar, butter, and chocolate chips, I'd bake cookies, brownies, or cakes every night of the week.
13. I hate anything that feels tight across my waist and will avoid outfits and dresses that have that quality at all costs. If forced to wear it, give me an hour and I'll be lightheaded and queasy.
14. It takes me roughly four hours to finish a can of coke, and that's if I'm really focused about it. Give me a bottle and I'll keep it in the fridge overnight.
15. I can resist anything that's unopened. A whole, sealed bag of chips is perfectly safe in my pantry or at my desk, but once it's open, it has about three hours to live.
16. My sweet tooth never developed, but my salt tooth pretty much runs the show.
17. If I couldn't write for a living, I'd open a bakery, or maybe just take the early shift in one so I could smell fresh bread and bake cookies every morning.
18. I don't drink coffee, ever, but I do drink Starbucks.
19. When I like what I'm wearing, I do what B's dubbed "the dress dance" which is subtle, but definitely there if you know what to look for.
20. I keep everything that's personal--a habit I'm trying to break. I have all my passed notes from high school and middle school filed in folders under a system based on from which friend they came. They need to be burned.
21. Magazines are my vice, but only specific ones: People, Newsweek, Oprah, & Money.
22. I have 6 1/3 nieces and nephews ages four and under. Five of them will be in my wedding.
23. My worst habit is keeping piles of (clean or once-worn) clothing on my bed.
24. In 2009, I'm trying to pick up good habits one at a time. So far? Flossing every day (Jan 1), making the bed every day (Jan 24), eating breakfast every day (Jan 5), hanging up my work clothes every day (Jan 26), and eating one fruit and one vegetable every day (Jan 2). Think about the last one next time you review what you've eaten in a day; it's harder than you think!
25. I've loved planning every aspect of my upcoming wedding, but the best yet has been looking for readings. That, and thinking about the first dance, are the only things that have made me tear up.

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cp said...

some things i totally agree (salt way wins over sweet)... them.

i am also the signs girl with the water.

will never understand the white foods (yogurt!!) or coffee avoidances.

and the lack of fruit and veggies in your life is utterly appalling. what do you eat?