Monday, January 12, 2009

R.I.P. Spode Sheffield

Some days are frustrating. I make my to-do list, organize my schedule, then spend the day doing things I've already done once, either because they need fixing or correcting or updating. For me, for the most girly reason of all, that day is today.

Mom just called and told me the china pattern B and I decided on had been discontinued. Now, I'm glad she called. I'm thankful to know this information, especially because Save the Dates are going out next week (fingers crossed), and it would've been a bigger deal if we'd had to change registry information after that point.

But still. I'm a girl and, swear on my Food Lover's Companion, this almost made me cry. No, I'm not the person that fell in love with plates, but I am the person that spent days running from store to store comparing, picking, emailing pictures, and setting up registries. I do like wasted effort, especially when it feels there isn't time to waste.

Now all this is super silly, because I actually have plenty of time to go shopping (oh twist my arm) and the odds are that now I can pick something knowing that the stores will definitely carry it, a fact that perhaps should have served as a tip off during the first registry go-round.

But for today, for just a few minutes, I am disappointed at wasted effort and, I'll be honest, pretty plates. R.I.P. Spode Sheffield.

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Lisa said...

What a bummer! At least your mom found out in time to change. Wedding planning can be very frustrating but will be so worth it on the big day!