Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"Relax the Hand!"

The first time I met B's extended family was when he invited me to his Grandparents' 50th anniversary celebration in South Carolina.  It was a wonderful 24 hours (yes, 24 short hours) of golf, dinners, pool time, toasts, and family fun well worth its own entry another time, when I can stroll down memory lane for a little bit.

One fun part of the weekend was a photo shoot his family was doing as a gift to the anniversary duo.  Coming from a big family, I know how rare it is to get everyone in one place, cleaned up, and smiling at the camera.  B and I had officially been dating for four months, so I bowed out of the photo under the pretense of not wanting to be "that girl" that everyone resented now that she's out of the picture and we have all these expensive photos with her smack in the middle.  
Clearly, that's not how the story ended, but now it's even funnier to me that I didn't get in the picture.

Regardless, his dad got the photographer to take a few snaps of B and me and his dad kept getting tickled because I have this weird thing about flexing my hand.  I'm betting his dad thought I was nervous, which is what I thought, too, when I saw the pictures, until I came home and found this gem.  

The photo is of me and two of my best girlfriends, both of whom are bridesmaids in the wedding.  It may be first grade?  We're definitely rocking the Girl Scout outfits... and the hair bows (some of us, anyway). But that's not the point.  The point is, check out the hand.

Aww yeah.  That's not nervous.  In fact, that may just be my "look at me" tell.  Who knew?

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Haley Morgan said...

I just peed in my pants. That is HILARIOUS. Brownies. Ahhhh, those days. I hated it actually, because I was forced each Monday afternoon to realize that all the other girls had more badges than I did. But I honestly didn't care about woodwork or camping or baking, so screw the badges. Gotta love those cookies, though.
I love your flexed hand. At least you didn't do that in your engagement photos!