Monday, January 26, 2009

Favorite Comment of the Day

The author shall remain anonymous, but the spirit of the comment below is, in my opinion, the highest compliment I can think of:

saw the cake on the blog. you are an evil calorie pusher who needs to be locked in an apartment with nothing healthy.

Thank you, thank you. My work here is done. By the way, don't thinking I'm not "getting mine," as the saying goes. All I've been able to think about all damn day is that leftover cake/cookie/brownie/ganache madness sitting at my house. I had to mail the package an hour early just so I wouldn't eat B's!


cp said...

i want them but with PB cookie dough, not CC. think i could do that?

A said...

You totally could! Or you could try Pioneer Woman's version, which is peanut butter cookie dough with Recee's peanut butter cups mushed in:

Then just dip in ganache and you're done. :)