Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wedding Planning Moment of the Day

Each week, I receive approximately a barrage of email newsletters from various companies. Some I've willingly signed up for. Others I'm forced to fork over my information to before they allow me access I need for site browsing. Others still have obtained my information by purchasing it from bridal shows, magazine subscriptions, and, for all I know, my doctor.

I'm not sure how I got signed up for, though I'm betting it's affiliated with my Macy's registry. Regardless, yesterday I got their newsletter, with this thought as the lead tout.

Subject: 50+ New Hairstyles
Me: Why yes, I do need to think about that. *Click*
Lead Story: Obama-rize Your Wedding Day

Now I'm all about hitting every holiday in search of newsletter clicks, but this was too much. Let's start with the theme... anyone planning a wedding for, say, last Saturday might have found those tips useful, but now they seem dated. And that's only if you ignore the fact that you'd be actively trying to bring politics into an already-charged day. I can only imagine. It definitely breaks one of the three rules I was given by B's uncles...

So, dear readers, if you are interested in Obama-rizing your wedding, do I have the tips for you.

1. Buy yourself the "Brides for Obama" wedding planner, ironically enough featured in a lovely, almost reddish, shade of rose, with the cheeky phrase, "Love, Honor, and Obama." Groan. The text encourages you to use it to "document the many changes in your life, as well as the your favorite recession-busting methods and high-priced bridal bailouts. "

2. Something Blue for the Obama-loving groom. The site encourages you and your husband to compete in the age-old "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" hunt that often leaves brides frazzled and convinced of their own impending doom because someone forgot the blue garter. (Seriously, how else are you getting blue in there?) Ah, but now, he can wear blue briefs featuring Obama's smiling face and the *08 across the tush. Come hither, indeed. The good news? Charity. For every purchase, $1 of the total cost ($29 per pair!) will support, you guessed it, the campaign.

3. Keepsake Idea: Invite the President to your wedding. Apparently, if you invite the President and First Lady to your wedding after January 20th, 2009, you'll get a hand-signed response (um, likely a negative one, I'd imagine). I'm not sure if this is funnier because of the outrageous comments it generated from soon-to-be brides or that someone would actually take the time to do this because, as the site says, "this is a cheap and easy keepsake idea that’s sure to make your wedding album or planning scrapbook pop."

Because when you pay the equivalent of several months rent for wedding photos, you definitely want people to stop and admire the "unable to attend" check mark from the Prez.

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marybgreenway said...

You can go to and get a signed congratulations on your marriage and keep your potage and invitation. :)