Thursday, January 29, 2009

I Missed It!

Our wedding website has this nifty little counter built in at the bottom that tells me (and everyone else) how many days there are until my wedding to B. Before I made the site, I'd sometimes go online to a generic countdown calendar and type the information in, just so I could know. Devastatingly, it started out in the mid 200s. Imagine my surprise when, this weekend, I checked and noticed that we were nearing the two-digit mark!

So I got all clever and cheeky and planned a post about how B and I were nearing the state of a Disney movie, namely 101 Dalmatians then today, as I'm about to post it, I go check and see that I missed it! We're already at 100 days, meaning tonight (or today at 4 pm?) B and I will officially be in the two-digit club, at least in relation to our wedding countdown. The only thing left after that is the single-digit club, which I think the Moms would prefer we avoided for a little while...

So while 100 isn't quite as cute or clever, it is closer to the big day, so I guess I'll be thankful and try to remember back to grade school when 100 was, well, perfection.

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