Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wedding Planning Moment of the Day

I've heard of weddings at Taco Bells. Well, "of" weddings is definitely the right wording and I should probably add "former" in front of Taco Bells. In Gatlinburg, the county responsible for the 2nd highest number of marriage license applications (second only to Vegas), a former Taco Bell, now converted into a "Wedding Bell," offers quickie marriages, by walk-up service or the drive-through line. I kid you not.

B and I saw it during one of my work visits when I baited him to come along. We found it hilarious, but then I found this:

Couple Weds at Taco Bell for $200

The main point of the story, ironically, is about the budget factor, not why the particular chain was chosen, other than saying it was their favorite restaurant.

Check out the photographer on the left. He's definitely laughing "at," and not "with."

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